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GDE Rooting Depth Database

This maximum-rooting depth database provides information that can help assess whether groundwater dependent plants are accessing groundwater. Actual rooting depths will depend on the plant species and site-specific conditions, such as soil type and availability of other water sources. Site-specific knowledge of depths to groundwater combined with rooting depths will help provide an understanding of the potential groundwater levels needed to sustain GDEs.

This database is a compilation of rooting depth information for the groundwater dependent plant species identified in the iGDE database. Rooting depth data were compiled from published scientific literature and expert opinion through a crowd sourcing campaign. As more information becomes available, the database of rooting depths will be updated. Please Contact Us if you have additional rooting depth data for California phreatophytes.

Rooting depth database is in the form of an Excel workbook composed of four worksheets. The first is a database of the California phreatophytes that are included in the mapping of indicators of GDEs. The second is a comprehensive rooting depth database that adds other plant species.

Terrestrial vegetation along Battle Creek
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This broader database is provided because rooting depth information is not available for all of the California phreatophytes and the additional species may provide insights as to the rooting depth of California phreatophytes for which rooting depth data are missing. The third worksheet provides metadata for the rooting depth databases and the fourth provides the references for the database.

Plant Rooting Depth Database