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Arundo Evapotranspiration Literature Review

Arundo removal is a potentially lower cost, water savings project for GSAs that also has high native ecosystem restoration co-benefits. This nature co-benefit can also lead to additional cost savings if co-managed with conservation organizations.

Arundo is a non-native, fast growing and densely vegetated reed that has purportedly high-water consumption. This brief literature overview summarizes the types of studies, conditions, and annual evapotranspiration rates of Arundo. There is a wide range of annual evapotranspiration rates in the literature. Please Contact Us if you have additional studies to add to the literature review for Arundo.

The California Invasive Plant Council (Cal-IPC) has a detailed report, Arundo donax: Distribution and Impacts (2011) that provides a thorough discussion of its water use (Section 4). Cal-IPC will be releasing an updated report in 2019.

Literature Overview
Arundo donax at The Nature Conservancy property along the Santa Clara River, Ventura County, CA
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