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Sustainable groundwater management means managing this resource to balance short-term and long-term benefits for society, the economy and our environment. Unfortunately, little information about groundwater dependent ecosystems—what they are, where they are or how to integrate them into sustainable groundwater management—has been available.  To help ensure that the needs and benefits of managing for GDEs are known, The Nature Conservancy is partnering with local groundwater agencies, state agencies, consultants, academics, and other NGOs to develop the science on nature’s ties to groundwater and showcase multi-benefit management strategies for nature and people.

The purpose of the Groundwater Resource Hub is to help local agencies achieve sustainable groundwater management by providing the science and tools needed to help address nature’s water needs. Over time, our goal is to improve statewide and local understanding of nature’s groundwater needs to reduce uncertainties and therefore enhance sustainable groundwater management. Your comments and ideas are welcome. If you wish to be added to our email list for notifications of website updates and related information please Contact Us.

Orestimba Creek
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The Nature Conservancy (TNC) is the leading conservation organization working in California and around the world to protect ecologically important land and water for nature and people. Our mission is to conserve the lands and waters on which all life depends. Our work is based on developing and applying science to inform pragmatic solutions, including sustainably managing groundwater in California. We do this by working in collaboration with a wide range of partners including agriculture, industry, academia, local governments, state and federal agencies, and other NGOs. Established in 1951, The Nature Conservancy’s work is supported by more than 1 million members.

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